Europallets from Wotan Forest, a.s: high quality guarantee

As one of the few companies in the Czech Republic we produce EPAL and EUR pallets as a subject to all legal requirements for this licensed product. We guarantee the highest quality of pallets as they are used by leading manufacturers and logistics companies. We belong to the largest manufacturers of europallets in the Czech Republic.

Reasons to choose europallets from us:

  • We saw lumber for pallets ourselves to ensure the required amount of lumber in prescribed quality
  • Dry the lumber before assembly of pallets to avoid "overdry decay" and corrosion of nails. This may happen while drying the whole pallets
  • We produce pallets on fully automated lines to ensure accurate pallet seating, nail layout, presence of all nails, precise machining and heat-drying of all  pallets in production delivery
  • The production line allows us packaging of pallets according to your needs
  • You can choose EPAL or EUR, wooden board or chipboard, locking (pallets in the lock or butt), the number of pallets in the stack depends on you
  • You can find a license clinch on each palette in accordance with the standard

EPAL pallets (left and right block with EPAL logo) is licensed only by the company EPAL, our license number is CZ-005, copper license clinch

EUR pallets (left block with logo UIC, right block with EUR logo) produced under the ZSSK CARGO license, our license number is A-59, galvanized license clinch with yellow stripe


Atypical pallets: on customer requirements without compromises

We produce atypical pallets on your specific requirements for dimensions, construction, load capacity or any other "special" use of the pallet (pallet racks, plywood pallets, etc.). The pallet can be designed as unreturnable or returnable. We also offer sorting and repairs of returnable pallets.

We provide construction of two-way or four-way pallets. The customer also determines the gap between the planks of the loading area. We also produce pallets with a full load area. It is often important to arrange the "legs" of the pallet, eg necessity of the lower frame.


In addition, the pallets may differ in moisture:

  • wet pallet (made directly from fresh wood)
  • wet pallet with heat treatment (HT, according to ISPM-15 and IPPC marking)
  • dry pallet (mostly with a moisture requirement below 22%)


How to recognize the most suitable pallet for you

  • The easiest way is to ask professional - US

We have many years of experience with pallet design. We will design a pallet on your requirements. We will take into account: shape, weight, packaging of your goods, your conveyors, your handling technique, your way of storage and  transportation and also the requirements of your customers. We will design the pallet the most economical solution. Do we have all the prerequisites to do so.

We have our own sawmill where we cut any lumber profile. We have our own dryers certified for heat treatment and also the most modern automated lines that produce everything quickly in the required quality. We can also produce the pallets manually in small quantities with atypical dimensions or shapes.