Timber production plants:

Our priority at all our timber operations is to use and process local raw materials from our partners in the region.

We strive to respond flexibly to our customers' requirements and satisfy them as much as possible, whether in terms of volumes, woody plants or dimensions.

We are able to cut more than 300,000 m3 of timber on our own sawmills, which enables us to provide lumber for our operations as well as for our customers.


Protivin Sawmill

Horka Operation

Borohradek Sawmill


Wood is a pure natural material that has been used extensively by humans throughout history. Wood is a renewable energy source and its use is eco-friendly. Wotan Forest, a.s. is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection and therefore its modern production technologies enable highly ecological, almost waste-free processing of wood.

All the waste that is produced during the processing of wood material is further used as a quality material. The bark is used for the production of gardening substrates and mulch, the wood chips and sawdust are raw material for the production of wood pulp, wood briquettes and pellets or are offered for further industrial processing and heating.

We are engaged in the production of tiling and flooring boards, planed boards, squares, fence boards and terrace boards. The main processed woody plant for these products are Sm, Md and Bo.

Wotan Forest, a.s. trades wood of various types on the basis of one-time or long-term contracts for sale at home and abroad. We buy timber directly from forest owners or forest management entities. Log prices are negotiated with clearly defined terms and conditions for our operations or those of our verified buyers. In this business, we only deal with insured and long-term reliable buyers.

Our company deals with the trade of wood in all its variations, from raw wood, through sawn timber, peeled and planed program to briquettes and other products. We provide our customers with transport, either by truck or wagon, not only domestically but also abroad.


Planed products


Logs (wood)