Wotan trees

Production of wooden pallets and packaging, plywood and counterweight veneer!!


We are one of the largest pallet manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Our main products are returnable pallets under the EUR and EPAL license and also atypical pallets on customers' request. An important part of our timber production is the production of plywood and counterweight veneer.

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14. of March

Pallets and packaging

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1. of June

Information on the beneficial owners of AGROFERT companies as of 1 June 2021

On 1 June 2021, the Act on the registration of beneficial owners comes into effect, which changes the definition of a beneficial owner, previously regulated in the so-called Law against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime.

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17. of May

VIDEO: New sorting line in Solnice operation

A new veneer sorting line has been installed by Raute company in our Solnice facility.

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23. of June

VIDEO: What life is like as a driver of our Volvo

As promised, we present you this unique vehicle that helps supply logs to the EWD logging line in our Horka u Staré Paky operation.

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Wotan Forest in numbers

pallet mills
350000 m3
cut wood annually
45000 m3
plywood we produce annually
100000 m3
dry wood annually
3500000 pcs
pallets per year