TELL US - Code of Ethics

TELL US - Code of Ethics

Since 2011, the Code of Ethics has been the basic standard of the AGROFERT Group's Compliance Programme, which defines the rules of ethical behaviour in the Group and a set of measures and internal standards whose compliance ensures ethical business standards in the Group.

The Code of Conduct regulates the behaviour and attitude of the Group's employees in the following areas in particular

- ethical behaviour and corporate culture (lawful behaviour, mutual respect, honesty and integrity, responsibilities and controls of senior employees, etc.)
- Relationship with business partners and third parties (competition law, cartel law, business conduct, procurement and negotiation of business relationships, donations)
- avoiding conflicts of interest (employee participation in companies, side jobs, etc.)
- treatment of information (confidentiality obligations, etc.)

Anonymous ethics line Tell Us

Any employee of AGROFERT, as well as business or non-business partners of AGROFERT, may file a complaint or point out circumstances that may lead to the conclusion that there has been a violation of AGROFERT's ethical rules. One of the tools is the anonymous ethics hotline Tell Us : 420 272 192 999, to which anyone can report any observations or suspicions of unethical behaviour within the Group.
Every complaint recorded on the Tell Us ethics line is investigated in detail and corrective measures are taken where necessary. All documents relating to the investigation are, of course, confidential.
All data communicated via the ethics hotline is secured against misuse, properly archived and stored in accordance with legal data protection obligations.

Ing. Aneta Oujezka

Compliance officer