Purchase of EUR and EPAL pallets

We will buy your unwanted or damaged EUR and EPAL pallets. We provide you with a comprehensive pallet management service, from receiving your customers' pallets to sorting, repairing, storing and transporting them back to their destination.

What kind of pallets do we buy?

  • EUR and EPAL
  • new pallets
  • light pallets
  • dark pallets


We dispose of your damaged and unrepairable pallets in an environmentally friendly manner.

We buy EUR and EPAL pallets at our plants:

Horka u Stare Paky
Working hours: 6.30-14.30
Tel.: 604 297 990

Working hours: 7.00-15.30    
Tel.: 602 121 358   


Working hours: 7.00-15.00
Tel.: 602 488 690