Europallets - EPAL

  • New wooden Euro pallets (EPAL or UIC) make up the largest percentage of our total production volume.
  • All Euro pallets are produced on fully automated lines, which guarantees their standard high quality, and also a longer lifetime compared to pallets produced by hand.
EPAL pallets are EUR pallets, bearing the EUR marking on the outermost pallet blocks. Manufacturers of these pallets must be registered with the European Pallet Association and hold a manufacturing licence from this organisation.

The main difference between EPAL and UIC wooden pallets is the marking. Read more about EPAL pallet markings.

Wotan Forest, a.s. obtained a license for the production of EPAL pallets in July 2010 and has been offering them for sale since then. It has thus become one of a very small group of EPAL-licensed pallet manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Dimensions of Euro pallets

EUR pallets have a dimension of 1200x800 mm, which is based on the international standard unit packing module of 400x600 mm. A simple new EUR wooden pallet is designed for the following loads when stored in a rack or on a fork lift truck:

  • 1 000 kg - if the load is unevenly distributed over the pallet surface
  • 1 500 kg - if the load is evenly distributed over the pallet surface
  • 2 000 kg - if the load is in solid form and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pallet loading area

When stacked, the additional load on the lowest pallet is a maximum of 4,000 kg if the weight is on a level, horizontal and stationary surface and comes down horizontally and with its full weight.

For whom are EPAL Euro pallets designed

Customers who have high demands on the quality of their pallets and require 100% compliance with the quality standard are particularly interested in EPAL pallets. Furthermore, companies supplying their products to German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria), where pallets labelled in this way are preferred.