Pallets production plants:

Our modern timber processing facilities have their own cutting technology, which makes us independent from purchasing lumber. We also have our own drying plants, which allow us to dry lumber and pallets, but most importantly we can heat treat (HT, according to ISPM - 15 standard) pallets and lumber for you.

Our main products are returnable Euro pallets under EPAL and EUR license and atypical pallets according to customer requirements. We produce pallets on fully automated lines.

An equally important product group is special wooden packaging which includes packaging lumber, plywood pallets, pallet racks, grates, lids, frames and boxes of all kinds. We have extensive experience in designing pallets and wooden packaging according to customer requirements, so we can optimize the price of pallets while maintaining their functionality. We take it for granted that we can deliver wooden packaging when you need it.


Horka Operation

Trebovice Operation

Protivin Sawmill


Europallets - UIC

Europallets - EPAL

Atypical pallets

Pallet enclosures

CP pallets (CP1 - CP9)

Disposable pallets

Rectangular pallets

Returnable pallets

Used pallets


We will buy your unwanted or damaged EUR and EPAL pallets. We will provide you with a comprehensive pallet management, from the receipt of your customers' pallets to their sorting, repair, storage and transport back to their destination.


Purchase of EUR and EPAL pallets

We will buy your unwanted PETRO pallets that are marked with our logo and the text WOTAN.


Purchase of PETRO pallets

Purchase of timber

We are looking for a quality supply of sawn lumber, suitable for pallet production.


Purchase of sawn lumber