EUR Pallets

At present returnable EUR pallets are widely used in Europe thanks to their unlimited use for transporting materials or other goods. Moreover, labelling "EUR" on the side of the pallet of proven high quality.

EUR pallets from our company meet the strictest Czech and international standards

Wotan Forest Company, a.s. manufactures EUR wooden pallets under a license granted by ZSSK CARGO, a.s. Euro pallets are produced in accordance with Czech  Standard ČSN 26 9110 (European four-way EUR plain pallet) and International Standard UIC 435-2.

Wotan Forest, a.s. also holds a SRS certificate on HT of lumber in our drying facilities in accordance with IPPC Standard - ISPM FAO No. 15, including the possible phytocertification.

All holders of licence from the railway company for freight carrier ZSSK CARGO are obliged to mark their pallets with metal clips with a stamped identification number of proven high quality.

Useful information about EUR Pallets

Dimensions of EUR Pallets

EUR pallets of 1200x800 mm are based on international standard unit package of 400x600 mm.

Weight capacity of EUR Pallets

EUR plain pallet is designed for carrying the load on a forklift or storing in a rack:

  • 1 000 kg - the load distribution is uneven.
  • 1 500 kg - the load distribution is even.
  • 2 000 kg - the whole load is evenly distributed on the entire pallet loading area.

When placed on top of each other, the load forces to the horizontal and unmovable surface, the additional load of the lowermost pallet may be almost 4 000 kg.

Basic quality standards of EUR Pallets or How you can recognize well-manufactured euro pallet

The wood from which the EUR pallet is produced without any traces of banned substances and chemicals in wood preservation against germs. If phytosanitary treatment is required, it should be done by the heat treatment. Wood decayed by rot, mold, fungi, dry rot, ingrowing bark and sapwood, beetle infestation are not permitted.

Uneven surface is only allowed on some parts of pallet without tree bark which do not exceed 15 mm transversely. Only surface cracks in the blocks are acceptable which were not caused by assembly. Blue coloring corresponding to some season is acceptable, but the coloring caused by storage or drying can not be accepted.

Moisture content of wood may not exceed 22%. In practice, it is important moisture content measurement of the side you lay on planks or pallets when the pallets with goods are stacked directly on top of each other, stability on support surface of bottom sufaces support stability.

EUR Pallets markings or How you can recognize the original euro pallet

The left corner block of the longitudinal side - approval of Office of Rail Transportation
Middle block of the longitudinal side - treatment against pests, manufacturer code, control clinch

Right corner block of longitudinal side - trademark EUR

While performing a phytosanitary treatment, the mark (spikelet), also with the year and month, or the authorization number for the phyto treatment, should be placed on the medial block of the longitudinal surface. If it is not performed by the manufacturer who does not need to own the drying machinery, the spikelet is placed on the middle block of the short surface.

Any additional markings, such as logo for the pallet identification holder is not allowed apart from additional approved quality control. If the palettes bear traces of markings in black, they may be pallets that the guarantor discarded as unsuitable after his inspection because of unauthorized marking or for some technical reasons.