EPAL pallets

  • Majority of our total production are new wooden europallets.
  • All europallets are manufactured on fully automated lines, which guarantees their high quality standard and also longer lifetime compared to manually produced pallets.

EPAL pallets are of EUR type under EPAL licence. Manufacturers of EPAL europallets must be registered with the European Pallet Association holding  production license of this organization.

The difference between EPAL and ČD wooden europallets is mainly in the labelling. Read more about labelling pallets EPAL.

Wotan Forest, a.s. obtained the license to produce EPAL pallets. Since July 2010 we offer EPAL pallets for sale. The company is among a few manufacturers holding EPAL license in the Czech Republic.

Dimensions of EUR Pallets

EUR pallets of 1200x800 mm are based on international standard unit package of 400x600 mm.

EUR plain pallet is designed for carrying the load on a forklift or storing in a rack:

  • 1 000 kg - the load distribution is uneven.
  • 1 500 kg - the load distribution is even.
  • 2 000 kg - the whole load is evenly distributed on the entire pallet loading area.

When stacked on top of each other, the additional weight load on the lowermost pallet is maximum 4,000 kg if the load is on horizontal and unmovable surface and horizontally pressing on the surface with its full weight.

Production of europallets meets Czech Standard ČSN 26 9110 - "European four-way EUR plain pallet" and International Standard UIC 435-2. Here are listed all technical details, permissible types of wood and nails, their location, etc.

In general, the wood from which the pallet is made must not bear any traces of inappropriate wood preservatives and chemical protection against multiple microorganisms. If phytosanitary treatment is required, it should be achieved by heat treatment of the pallets. Rot, mold, fungi, dry rot, active insect attack are not permitted.

Unevenness, some grains or knots are only allowed on some parts of the pallet surface without bark if do not outreach 15 mm. Only cracks on the block surface which were not caused by assembly of the pallet. Blueing corresponding to the season is acceptable, but coloring caused by poor drying or storage can not be accepted.

Wood moisture may not exceed 22%. It is important to measure the moisture of the loading surface of the pallets if the pallets are stacked on top of each other, on the lowermost supporting surface of the pallets.

Thanks to our own advanced cutting technology, large warehouse space and stable and highly skilled team of people. Through our flexibility we are able to meet our customers' needs and offer pallet delivery within 24 hours or in the régime JIT (just in time).

Europallets are well known types of pallets. Manufacturers of europallets associated under Czech Rails are regularly checked and license may be taken away because of standard deviation.

For whom EPAL europallets are suitable?

EPAL europallets are particularly demanded by customers who require 100% compliance with the quality pallet standard. In addition, companies supplying their products to German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria) where these pallets are preferred.