Bulk materials


Bark is dead, the surface layer of the trunk which has a protective function for the tree.

  • Application: Bark is used in the garden as a mulch suitable as a basis for the production of substrates. Bark can also be used as a fuel.

We offer:

  • Spruce bark (not crushed)
  • Pine bark (crushed)
  • Not sorted (mix)


Sawdust is a small piece of wood as a by-product of sawing or other procedures (eg grinding).

  • Application: Sawdust can be used in many different ways, in the garden as a mulch, a bedding for animals, a fuel (either directly in sawdust stoves or pressed in wooden briquettes) or as a raw material for production of chipboards.

We offer:                              

  • Clean sawdust (after sawing)
  • Mix sawdust (after sawing and grinding) – sawdust with grinding dust


Milling lumber when the tree trunk is getting rid of swollen knots or conks, a bark wroot swellings, bark of a tree blended with wooden pieces.

  • Application: Shavings can be used in various ways as a mulch in the garden or a fuel.