Tree growing

Tree growing are provided by qualified and experienced staff from forestry service centers. We provide the bulk of the material for reforestation with our own seedlings. Providing native forest tree seedling in our nurseries we guarantee its high quality.

After reforestation we provide follow-up care for areas with planted trees until they are protected - against pests, weed, diseases and forest animal biting trees. We use both chemical and mechanical wood protection on request and under the agreement with the contracting authority (the owner of the forest / customer).

We also provide cleaning wood waste and preparation of soil by rototillers, incorporating logging residues into the soil contributing significantly to natural forest regeneration.

We also cultivate forest stands by trimming and cutting.

We also offer our clients consultancy and forest management (subsidy, term and method of reforestation, suitable tree structure, mechanization, suitable products and measures for protection of plant species ...)