Woodworking Center Vostezy

We present our products at Woodworking Center Vostezy. We offer cooperation with processing orders. The finished products are available on e-shop and are directly delivered from our warehouse. During its existence suitable facilities, a large production program and a stable customer base have been built.

Production focuses on constructing playgrounds and their equipment, supplying chain of retailers and delivering individual orders directly to final customers. The products are intended for domestic and foreign markets. We offer construction, service and consultancy. We provide transport of our products in our own vehicles or is operated by transport and spedition companies.

Products of Woodworking Center Vostezy:

  • Playgrounds for children manufactured in compliance with ČSN EN 1176/1177
  • Children's gardening program
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden shelters and pergolas, gazebos, fences
  • Garage shelters
  • Hunting equipment
  • Urban and forest furniture
  • Other joinery and carpentry customized products

Český Rudolec 166, 378 83 Český Rudolec (GPS: N 49°3.16247', E 15°19.92797', 49°3'9.748N, 15°19'55.678E)

Address: Český Rudolec 166, 378 83 Český Rudolec
E-mail: jaroslav.hrbek@wotan.cz
Phone: +420 384 496 152
Mobile: +420 702 008 881

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