Sawmill Slavonice

Sawmill Slavonice is located in the South Bohemian Region, 2 km from Fratres, the Austrian border crossing. Sawmill is focused on sawmill processing of mostly coniferous logs with an annual capacity of 30 000 m3, mainly for building and joinery timber production on individual customer requirements, stripping bark of all sawlogs.

Woodcutting in three steps using the following equipment: prism cutter, EWD frame saw and SPRINGER circular saw. Trained staff perform woodcutting and quality classification wheter raw materials or manufactured lumber. There are also 4 dryers in the property of sawmill, each with a capacity of 70 m3. Sawmill residue includes biomass such as mulch bark, white woodchips and sawdust.

Products of Sawmill Slavonice:

  • Building timber – planks, prism blocks, slats
  • Joinery timber
  • Palisades, poles
  • Bark, sawdust and white woodchips
  • Firewood


Oferred services:

  • Custom production
  • Drying lumber
  • Ensuring transport

Wolkerova 271, 378 81 Slavonice (GPS: 48°59'40.517N, 15°20'48.750E)

Address: Wolkerova 271, 378 81 Slavonice
Mobile: +420 725 824 421

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