Sawmill Borohrádek

Sawmill Borohrádek is located in Hradec Králové Region, approximately 25 km east of Hradec Králové, thick pine forest area.

Conifer wood is the main raw material of 2,5 m fiber spruce, fir, pine, larch, suitable for sawmill production. Supply of raw materials is mainly carried out by road or by own railway siding. The woodcutting is performed in the production line STORTI, which consists of a prism circular saw, a shortening station and a circular saw. The annual cutting capacity is about 30 000 m3 in two-shift operation.

The main product range is standard size pallet lumber and also atypical pallets production on individual customer requirements. Trained staff perform woodcutting and quality classification wheter raw materials or manufactured lumber who have many years of experience. Sawmill residue includes deciduous and and coniferous firewood of different parameters. The annual volume of firewood is around 8000 prm.

Address: Havlíčkova 580, 517 24 Borohrádek
Phone: +420 720 949 006

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