Production and trading

The Division of Nurseries provides in its 19 centers the production of the seedlings of forest and ornamental trees from the size of the seedling to the alley trees. Besides bare-root seedlings in containers of different sizes or with root bundles. We plant seedlings of forest trees for most natural forest areas in the Czech Republic.

If you are interested in purchasing more seedlings please contact our sales department.

Ing. Milan Hotovec
Director of the Nursery Division

Mobile Phone: +420 604 296 003

Ing. Pavel Klíma
Sales Representative

Mobile Phone: +420 604 296 031

For retail customers we are available at the nearest nursery.

Besides the seedlings of forest and ornamental trees, you can find in our centers also an additional range of goods for your forest or garden.

For delivery of ornamental trees please contact our centers in Planá nad Lužnicí, Budišov, Drmaly, Tišice and in Chřibská – Krásné Pole.

For delivery of alley trees please contact the Landscape Service in Drmaly.