Bulk materials


Bark is the dead, surface layer of the tree that has a protective function for the tree.

  • Use: The bark is used as mulch in the garden and is suitable as a base for making substrates. The bark can also be used for energy as fuel.

We offer:

  • Spruce bark (not crushed)
  • Pine bark (crushed)
  • Unsorted (mix)



Sawdust is the small pieces of wood produced as a by-product of sawing or other machining (e.g. sanding).

  • Use: Sawdust can be used in many different ways. They are used in the garden as mulch, animal bedding, as fuel (either directly in sawdust stoves or compressed in wood briquettes) or as raw material for particleboard production.

We offer::

  • Clean sawdust (from sawing)
  • Sawdust mix (from sawing and sanding) - sawdust with sanding dust

Wood cracks

The milled part of the tree from the root run-ups, it is bark with a wood admixture.

  • Use: They are used in the garden as mulch, energetically as fuel.