ALFA joiner - joiner coniferous plywood

Joinery plywood is a large-area, wood-based plywood material formed by gluing together a perpendicular number of peeled veneers. They are made from domestic coniferous woods such as spruce and pine. These plywoods are manufactured according to the standard (EN 636-1). The boards comply with emission class E1. Reaction to fire: class D-S2, d0.

  • Design: sanded
  • Quality : A/B (B/BB), A/C (B/C)
  • Density : 650 kg/m3
  • Properties : high strength and elasticity in relation to the density, dimensional stability
  • Use : suitable for interior use, e.g. construction and joinery production, furniture production, toys, musical instruments, packaging, etc. (plywood is not resistant to long-term effects of water)
  • Packaging : The products are stored horizontally on wooden sheets of the same thickness. The number of pieces in the package varies according to the thickness of the plywood boards. The individual bundles are secured with steel tape to prevent displacement.