Do you need reforestation of your woodland and you do not know what tree species to plant there?

As the owner of the woodland you can get consultancy free of charge from a professional forest manager. If you do not know him personally, you should get his name and contact at the municipality with extended powers or from the officials in charge of forest management.

A professional forest manager should advise you what tree species are suitable for reforestation of your woodland. You should also get advice when is a suitable period for reforestation and how to care for the planted trees. Our staff in forest nurseries will advise you to buy seedlings or reforestation of your woodland upon the agreement.

Do not know where to find current forestry legislation and regulation?

If you are Internet user, the easiest way to visit the Ministry of Agriculture website at where you can find the current laws and regulations.

You do not know how to properly care for the seedlings of forest trees?

Care of seedlings of forest trees can be divided into several phases

  • before afforestation
  • during planting
  • after planting

Prior to reforestation it is necessary to ensure that the seedlings do not incinerate while transporting after purchase in nursery into the forest. The roots of the trees must be protected from drying, the whole seedlings must not be soaked, they should not be stored in a dry, sunny and warm place. For short-term storage before planting, a cellar is suitable or it is possible to place it in a damp place in the shade directly in the forest.

While planting we must ensure that the seedlings are properly planted during the reforestation in order to protect the roots from drying out. The size of the hole or the slit must match the size of the root system. For advice on how to proceed properly you can contact a professional forest manager again.

After planting the seedlings must be protected against harmful agents. In coniferous trees, the mortality of the seedlings is threatened by the germination (beetle - the protection is the spraying of the seedlings with the appropriate insecticide). It is also necessary to protection against animal damage (fences and repellents) and, last but not least, planting seedlings to minimize the impact.

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