This wood processing plant focuses on production of pallets, flooring products and selling building lumber produced on circular saws, cutting machines and other modern machinery. Pallets are produced at robotic workstation. Pneumatic tools are used for assembly of atypical pallets.

The predominant volume consists of production of pallets and flooring products, 90% of them produced on fully automated machines. At present we dispatch approximately 250 kinds of pallets of different sizes and carrying capacity on individual customer requirements. Products are in particular delivered from Czech manufacturing and trading companies. We deliver the products to customers in our own vehicles.

In 2005 we opened a drying facility and a boiler room heating all production halls and newly built wood kiln chambers. We perform drying of lumber and heat treatment of pallets. We provide ISPM / IPCC15 heat "certificated" treatment of wood packaging material.


The main principles of a company:

  • hold to company's reputation and seriousness
  • being able to meet the deadlines and chieve agreed quality standards
  • reimbursement of liabilities at the due date
  • satisfied business partners is rewarding and inspire us for further intensive work performance


Offered services:

  • own transport
  • heat treatment of pallets
  • drying of pallets and lumber
  • folding pallets into the stacks according to the required amount - build upwards, in inter-locking layers